From Ambulance to Healthcare Facility:

  • Notify receiving healthcare facility that the patient has known or suspected COVID-19
  • Keep patient separated from others as much as possible
  • Reduce unnecessary face to face contact with patient
  • Family members or friends of patients should not ride in the ambulance, if possible
  • When possible use vehicles that have isolated driver and patient compartments that can provide separate ventilation to each area
    • Vehicle ventilation in both compartments should be on non-recirculated mode
    • Close door/windows between compartments before bringing patient on board
    • Keep pass-through doors and windows shut
  • If a vehicle without an isolated driver compartment and ventilation needs to be used, open the outside air vents in the driver and turn on the rear exhaust ventilation fans to the highest setting. This will create a negative pressure in the patient area.
  • Wheel patient directly into examination room with all proper COVID-19 precautions



EMS Transport of a PUI or Patient  with Confirmed COVID-19 to Healthcare Facility. CDC. Available from

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