Pre-Hospital Cleaning/Decon

Ambulance-Specific Decontamination:

  • Sanitize ambulance with EPA-Approved products that are effective against COVID-19
  • Driver of ambulance should avoid patient contact if possible; if driver must assist with patient care, don appropriate PPE and sanitize cab of ambulance. If driver does not have patient contact, sanitization of driver cab is not necessary and will preserve PPE/sanitizer
  • Only patient (no support persons) should ride in the back of ambulance (unless parent/guardian necessary)
  • If possible, patient should self-ambulate to ambulance to reduce contact
  • Driver should run air ventilation system on high during ambulance trip and air should be set on cycle from outside air
  • After patient is delivered at hospital, leave rear doors open and disinfect, wearing gown and gloves, with disinfectant wipes from the above list; or if using spray disinfectant, wear additional face mask and shield

Sources: NAEMSP

Last Updated 1 year ago
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