Laboratory workup and COVID-19 specific tests

A variety of laboratory findings are associated with COVID-19:

Data from a large cohort study on 1099 patients published in NEJM: most likely to be elevated in patients upon hospital admission


List of References 

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Other research on specific laboratory values 


  • Wang et. al estimated that 70.3% of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 had lymphopenia
  • Wu et. al noted an association between lymphopenia and and progression to ARDS and death
  • A study published in The Lancet estimated that 63% (26/41) patients hospitalized with COVID-19 had lymphopenia


  • Wu et. al estimated of 194 patients hospitalized for COVID-19, 166 (85.6%) had increases in hs-CRP
  • A pre-print by Luo et. al from Wuhan, China concluded that “in patients with COVID-19, admission CRP correlated with disease severity and tended to be a good predictor of adverse outcome.”


  • Zhou et. al calculated in their cohort of 191 patients, D-dimer values >1 on admission were associated with an increased risk of in-hospital death (OR = 18.42, 2.64–128.55; p=0.0033)
  • Wu et. al estimated significant elevations in D-dimer in COVID-19 patients that progressed to ARDS and death


  • Richardson et. al calculated in their cohort of 5700 patients with ARDS in NYC, 58.4% had an elevated AST >40 U/L while 39.0% had an elevated ALT >60 U/L

Procalcitonin: Data on 102 non-ICU patients and 36 ICU patients with COVID-19 showed that ICU patients were significantly more likely to have elevated procalcitonin levels 

Difference estimated to be p<0.001 
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