Discharge Instructions

Information and templates for discharge in regards to home COVID-19 treatment or post COVID-19 follow-up.
  • Verify and document contact number for patient and primary support person; ensure active phone service, voicemail functioning, and language preference correctly documented
  • Verify residence with private room, ability to adhere to home isolation instructions and risk of transmission to persons with immunocompromised conditions in the home
  • Confirm ability to manage ADL/iADLs with degree of support at home
  • Confirm that patient has resources/social support to receive 1-2 weeks of food and other necessary supplies while under quarantine
  • Perform durable medical equipment (DME) needs assessment and consider sponsorship from hospital if item unable to be delivered or obtained by primary support person

Source: COVID Protocols

Last Updated 1 year ago

COVID-19 Positive

Discharge Instructions Template by Wolters Kluwer for COVID-19 positive patients, printable PDF can be found here.

COVID-19 Pending 

For Patients who are awaiting COVID-19 Testing Results, source can be found here. 
Last Updated 1 year ago
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